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Xianheng Spring Machinery agent requirements

Xianheng Spring Machine Company strives to establish a cooperative relationship with agents based on the principle of public, organized and mutually beneficial partnership.
We evaluate the main criteria for possible associations as follows:
The history of the agent company.
The reputation and influence of the agency's business in your region.
The development recommendations for the spring machines in your region.

Why become an agent for xianheng spring machine Company?

✔ Xianheng is a well-known spring machine manufacturer in China.
✔ We develop sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with partners.
✔ We provide after-sales technical guidance within 12 hours.
✔ Provide local customer resources to agents in your region.
✔ Agents are equipped with specialized language coupling staff to ensure barrier-free communication.
✔ Our products are sold to 108 end customers of large and medium-sized companies in 11 countries around the world.

Supports we can provide to agents:

Provides uninterrupted business opportunities in your country

We have a well established e-commerce system and many certified professional Google / Facebook advertising experts. We will show the strength of the company's brand through Google / facebook / 24 hours a day. When you become our agent, we will get the business opportunities in your country and provide you for free, giving you many development opportunities.

Agent platform technical support

We will provide website hosting technical support to our main agents. You just need to provide your market language information. Our technical team will provide you with a high-level website platform that can be accessed from mobile / tablet / computer to help you get more consultation opportunities.

Exhibition of shared opportunities

We participate in the exhibition in your country according to market conditions, and we will work with you to develop the local market and provide more support and help for your business.

Technical training of commercial personnel.

We will organize agent technician training according to different agent needs, and deliver the latest company developments, products and technologies to you so that you have more opportunities and advantages in the local area.

Rich return

At the end of each year, when you complete the sales tasks specified by the company, the company will give you a very good return.

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