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The car needs frequent maintenance. Has your spring machine been maintained?


In enterprise productionWhether the spring machine can achieve the goal of high precision processing product quality and stable improvement of production efficiency, which not only depends on the accuracy and performance of the machine itself, to a large extent also depends on whether the operator can correctly to the spring machine maintenance and use in production is closely related.

Only adhere to the daily maintenance of the machine tool, can extend the service life of components, extend the wear cycle of mechanical parts, prevent the occurrence of accidents, for a long time to work steadily.

In order to make our spring machine can be more durable, this paper from the spring machine characteristics to elaborate.

The main components of the spring machine: CNC electrical system, pressure system, lubrication system, mechanical part.

   1. Maintenance Regulations of CNC Electrical System

  1.     1.Strictly abide by operation rules and daily maintenance system
  2.     2.The door of CNC cabinet and strong electric cabinet should be opened as little as possible
  3.     3.Heat dissipation and ventilation system for regularly cleaning CNC cabinet
  4.     4.Pay attention to the regular maintenance of the input / output devices (such as magnetic heads) of the CNC system
  5.     5.Frequently monitor the grid voltage of CNC system (85% ~ 110%) → check frequently
  6.     6.Change the battery for storage regularly (lithium battery, nickel-chromium battery → rechargeable)
  7.     7.CNC system needs maintenance when not in use for a long time
  8.     8.Maintenance of spare circuit boards
  9.     9.Maintenance and maintenance of common relay and contactor control system
  10.     10.Make preparations for repairs

    2.Maintenance Regulations of Pressure System
  1. 1.Regularly check the oil in the oil tank, check the performance of the cooler and heater, regularly check and replace the seals, and strictly implement the daily inspection system.
  2. 2.Select the appropriate filter, check the oil supply of the lubricator in the system, maintain the tightness of the pneumatic system, regularly check and clean or replace the pneumatic components and filter element.

    3.Maintenance rules of the lubrication part

    1.Maintenance and maintenance of machine leading screw

    1)Lubrication of lead screw:
The ball screw lubricated with grease is used to clean the old grease on the screw and replace it with new grease every half a year. The ball screw lubricated with lubricating oil is refilled once before the machine tool works

    2)Sealing of the screw:

Check the sealing ring and the protective sleeve. If there is damage, replace it in time to prevent dust or impurities from entering the ball screw nut pair.

    2.Care and maintenance of spring machine guide rail

The lubricating oil tank of the guide rail must be checked daily, and it needs to be added in time. The operating room should check the diverter valve of the automatic lubrication system; if the diverter valve is broken, it cannot be automatically lubricated. There should be a reliable protective device on the rail surface, which needs to be cleaned and cleaned frequently Maintenance. Frequently clean the moving joints with a brush dipped in engine oil to avoid touching the shell.

    4.Maintenance regulations for mechanical parts

Check the handover logbook every day, check the working conditions of the equipment in strict accordance with the regulations, scrub the appearance of the equipment and clean the lubrication cooling system. Check each safety device.

  Make a good equipment maintenance registration form and develop a good habit of equipment maintenance