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What are the production steps of the compression spring machine?

2020-09-14 12:15:35
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1. The operator of the compression spring machine must wear labor protection equipment according to the regulations, do not wear slippers, sandals, high heels, do not wear gloves, scarves, rings, necklaces, etc. during operation, do not smoke, do not chat with others, and must be concentrated .

2. For the use environment of the compression spring machine. Avoid direct light exposure and other heat radiation, dust and corrosive gas in the place of use.

3. Before the compression spring machine is installed with the work piece. The operator must airlift the procedure once. If the program can run smoothly, whether the tool and tool installation is reasonable, and whether there is overtravel phenomenon. The operator must confirm that the work piece is pressed tightly before starting the machine tool.

4. Before the spindle starts. The operator must close the protective door, and it is strictly forbidden to open the protective door during normal program operation.

5. It is strictly forbidden to play around in the workshop. The operator must be familiar with relevant materials such as the instruction manual of the CNC machine tool. For example, general knowledge of main technical parameters, transmission principle, main structure, lubrication parts and maintenance.

6. Before starting the machine, the operator must check the lubrication of each part of the machine tool, whether the protective equipment meets the requirements, and confirm that it is correct before operating.

7. All experiments or practices of the compression spring machine must be carried out under the guidance of the practice teacher. Without the consent of the instructor, it is not allowed to start it without authorization.

8. After the compression spring machine is energized, the operator should check whether the switches, buttons and keys are normal and flexible, and whether the machine tool is abnormal.

9. It is strictly forbidden to measure or touch the work piece while the work piece is rotating. The spring press machine is not allowed to open the door of the electrical cabinet and stop pressing the emergency stop or reset button during normal operation.

10. The startup and shutdown sequence of the compression spring machine must be operated in accordance with the machine tool manual.

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