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The role of metal springs in large industrial machines

2022-07-01 14:42:27
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(1) In large-scale industrial machinery, metal springs are an indispensable mechanical part, which are usually made of spring steel. It is widely used in machinery and instruments to control the movement of parts, mitigate shock or vibration, store energy and measure force, etc. The types of metal springs are also complex and diverse. The diameter of the metal spring is generally less than 8mm by cold rolling and greater than 8mm by hot rolling. Some metal springs need to be stamped or shot peened after production, which can improve the bearing capacity of the metal spring.

(2) Metal spring is an elastic element widely used in electromechanical industry. Metal springs will produce large elastic deformation during the loading process, converting mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the metal spring disappears, returns to its original state, and converts the deformation energy into mechanical work or kinetic energy. The elastic potential energy of the spring is mainly used here.


(3) Elastic potential energy is also called "elastic deformation energy" in engineering. Generally, there are compressed gas, curved bow, coil spring, tension or compression metal spring with elastic potential energy.

(4) The unit of potential energy is the same as that of work. When determining the spring elastic potential energy, the zero potential energy state needs to be selected. Generally speaking, a spring does not deform in any way, but its elastic potential energy is zero in the free state.

(5) The effect of the spring force is only related to the elongation of the metal spring in the initial and final states, and has nothing to do with the deformation process of the spring. It is based on the existence of elastic force, so elastic potential energy is possessed by objects with elastic deformation and elastic force between parts. If the interaction between two bodies deforms, each body has elastic potential energy, and the total elastic potential energy is the sum of the two bodies.

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