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The small spring is capable of withstanding the "Secret Weapon" of "Tianwen No. 1" to withstand strong tremors

2021-05-21 10:13:27
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Zhejiang Daily, Yueqing, May 16 "High temperature and strong pressure, we have withstood the harsh conditions of outer space." On May 16, recalled that the Tianwen-1 probe successfully landed in the pre-selected landing zone in the southern Utopia Plain of Mars, Zhejiang Li Liu Zhou, the person in charge of Shengspring Co., Ltd., could not hide his excitement. One of the "secret weapons" used by the Tianwen No. 1 lander to successfully land with strong tremors is the special shock-absorbing spring produced by this company.

The conditions for the "Tianwen No. 1" landing to be overcome are very harsh. The surface pressure of Mars is only 1% of that of the earth, but the temperature of "Tianwen-1" after entering its atmosphere rose sharply to about 2100°C, causing strong tremors. Subsequently, the lander will have to open the parachute, detach the front heat shield, ignite the engine, etc., and finally land on a relatively flat area. Each step is accompanied by the test of high temperature and high pressure, which places extremely high demands on the special shock absorber spring that protects it.

"Our special damping springs are installed around the lander platform engine, with 16 pieces in two specifications of 8 cm and 6 cm diameter, which are independently developed and produced by our company." Liuzhou introduced. It mainly develops and produces products such as wave springs, spiral elastic retaining rings, constant cross-section retaining rings and sealed stacked rings. It is a component supplier for major national science and technology projects.

What is so special about the spring that can "carry" these problems? Liu Zhou showed Lisheng special shock-absorbing springs to reporters. It has a flat wire sine wave structure and is made of a special alloy. It can withstand a force of 30 to 45 Newtons per 10 mm of compression, and its performance is much higher than that of traditional spiral springs. Unlike the common helical spring which is easy to compress, the reporter took a lot of effort to compress this special spring with a large palm to the end. The spring can also withstand high temperatures, meet the requirements of lightweight and compact aerospace products, and reach high fatigue resistance standards.

After receiving the order and task, it immediately focused on the company's technology and production elites. It took 15 days to complete the product design, produce samples, and send them to the simulated Mars. Environmental testing base testing. After testing, this special shock-absorbing spring meets the requirements of various indicators and was finally installed on the "Tianwen No. 1" lander platform. Not only that, the special shock-absorbing spring is also used in cutting-edge products such as China's lunar probe, the domestic large aircraft C919, and civilian products such as Huawei's self-driving new energy vehicles.

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