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What are the main spring equipment matched with the CNC spring machine?

2020-10-07 17:55:03
    TAG : spring testing machine,3D projector,CNC spring grinding machine,tempering furnace


What are the main spring equipment matched with the CNC spring machine?

With the vigorous development of the entire spring manufacturing field, the spring manufacturing process has become more strict and standardized, and the matching spring equipment has become more and more diverse. Xianheng spring machine warm reminder, in order to meet the performance requirements of spring products in a specific environment, after the spring is formed by the spring machine equipment, a series of test tests and subsequent processing procedures are required. The improvement of spring technology requirements and the matching of spring equipment with CNC spring machines are also increasing.

1:Test instruments and equipment supporting the CNC spring machine: spring testing machine, length inspection instrument and 3D projector, etc. After the spring products are processed, they need to pass a series of rigorous tests before they can be put into use. Mainly for tension, pressure, displacement and a series of precision springs such as tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, disc springs, tower springs, circlips, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, die springs and special-shape spring. The stiffness and other strength are tested and analyzed to achieve spring products that meet the special performance and purpose. The length inspection meter is also called "the length inspection machine". It is mainly used in conjunction with the numerical control spring coiling machine. It uses the induction detection of the mechanical part and the adjustment of the numerical control system to increase the pass rate of the product output and sort out unqualified spring products.The 3D projector is mainly an instrument and equipment for testing the angle and displacement of the spring product.Through the high-definition projection effect, the high-magnification display vision of the spring product can be observed, which is convenient for us to adjust the spring's forming trajectory in time to meet specific requirements.

2:The processing equipment matched with the CNC spring machine includes: CNC spring grinding machine, chamfering machine, tempering furnace and shot blasting machine. CNC Spring Grinding Machine is also called "CNC Grinding Machine", which mainly grinds the cross section (also called "port") of the spring to achieve the angle specification with specific requirements. Grinding the end face of the spring through a CNC grinder is a secondary processing after the spring is formed to meet the application requirements of the spring in a specific environment. The chamfering machine, also known as the "sharpening machine", is to perform angle sharpening treatment on the ports of spring products, such as pins and brooches, to meet the application requirements in a specific working environment. The tempering furnace is mainly used for general metal parts, tempering in the air, and quenching, annealing, and aging heat treatment of light alloy parts such as aluminum alloy die castings, pistons, and aluminum plates. The surface of the product after high temperature tempering treatment is smooth and clean. Features such as oxidation and non-decarburization. Shot blasting machine is a treatment process in which steel sand and steel shots are dropped at high speed and impact on the surface of material objects through a shot blasting machine. It is a casting equipment that uses the high-speed projectiles thrown by the shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting. At the same time, the castings are shaken out, decore and cleaned. In addition, there are processes such as spring standing treatment, black oxide coating, electroplating or spraying.

In short, spring products are involved in more and more fields in the industry, and the spring equipment matched with CNC spring machines is becoming more and more diverse. Due to the complex and diverse working environment, the application characteristics of the spring are different, and the matching processing technology is very different.


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