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Turkey Business Trip----8 spring machines has been ordered!

2019-12-20 20:44:34
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Last week, our market development department went to Turkey for a business trip. It is so exciting that we have found a high-quality after-sales partner. The visit ended with the customer ordering our 8 high-quality spring machines at once. The mechanical models ordered range from 6 to 16 mm. We have won the favor of customers with super high quality and excellent service. The machines exported this time will arrive in Turkey after the Chinese New Year. At that time, we welcome customers to visit the machine on-site operation at any time. More importantly, we promise that all the machinery exported by our company will achieve after-sales service within 24 hours. In addition, our resident engineers have more than 20 years of after-sales experience, thereby ensuring the long-term high-speed and stable operation of the machine, bringing you a steady stream of benefits.

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