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How to solve the problem if the spring making machine has the noise?

2019-10-25 09:26:06
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With the unconventional increase in the assembly of spring machines in recent years, the performance of all aspects of the spring machine has a close relationship with the machine assembly. The technical requirements for the assembler are also very high, and various spring machine fails that have appeared on the market are also coming. Many of the assembly manufacturers can  not solved the problems due to lack of experience. Now we will discuss how to repair the spring machines.

There are two cases of spring machine noise:
One is the driver parameter problem.The accuracy of the motor is adjusted by the hand-held device, are respectively reduced, but this operation will reduce the mechanical working accuracy. So when we adjust, just adjust the value to moderate, do not blindly pursue the mute effect and affect the accuracy.

The other is mechanical precision problems. Carefully distinguish between gear noise or a sharp sound from the rear of the motor when the motor is running. Check the machine for loose parts. Check the gears for clearance. In general adjustment, just loosen the motor fixing screw and tighten the motor.

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