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2019 Wuxi Taihu International Intelligent Industrial Equipment Industry Exposition

2019-10-24 09:05:02
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Wuxi is the base of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Although the spring industry is a small industry in the whole manufacturing industry, its role is absolutely not to be underestimated. The country's industrial manufacturing and automobile industries must accelerate development. The spring industry, which is one of the basic components and parts, needs a developmental advancement period to adapt to the rapid development of the country's entire industry. The development of the spring industry must have the development of manufacturing spring technology. Wuxi Taihu International Spring and Processing Equipment Exhibition is about to hold its eleventh year, which has played a huge role in the development of the entire Chinese spring industry.

On October 22nd and 20th, 2018, we participated in the 13th Wuxi Taihu International Spring and Processing Equipment Exhibition at Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. During the exhibition, customers from domestic and foreign production, circulation and related industries visited our booth to visit and negotiate. On the spot, we showed one of the company's hot-selling models, CNC5160, with a processing diameter of 6-16 mm and a maximum spring outer diameter. 260 mm, the net weight of the machine is 21,000 kgs. It is characterized by being able to wind and cut 16mm oil-hardened steel wire. Powerful, stable production, little noise. In addition, The number of rollers has increased from the original four pairs to five pairs, the wire feeding force is stronger, and the production speed is increased by 15%. Of course, there are many types of spring machines in our company to meet various needs. You can contact us for more details.

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