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Our company Sustainable development and social responsibility

Xianheng not only focuses on improving the efficiency and profitability of our customers, but we also strive to participate in social progress and environmental protection.

Study area

Xianheng actively cooperates with local universities to provide internships and employment opportunities for students in the fields of mechanics and mechanical manufacturing science, and shares our research experience and customer usage data with the research institutions of the university to jointly develop high-efficiency and high-performance machines.

Field of employment

Xianheng solved the employment of more than 300 local people, provided comprehensive medical and social insurance, actively participated in local taxes, and made its own contribution to the development of the city.

Ecological environment field

Xianheng's machine meets national environmental protection standards and has noise reduction technology, which greatly reduces exhaust and waste gas emissions, and controls noise within a reasonable range of residents.

Production and R&D

As of 2019, Xianheng has developed a 30mm spring machine with the largest thread diameter, which has accelerated the manufacturing rate, obtained more than 200 patents and certifications, and has 29 doctors and graduate students as R&D personnel. Xianheng insists on cooperating with top research institutions and suppliers. By using ISO9000 international standards to optimize management, xianheng promotes the company's further internationalization.


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